Saturday, October 28, 2006

Website With Good Tips

Someone on the KnitPlus groups (plus sized knitting) posted this site with lots of sock tips. She has links to almost everything you ever wanted to know about socks and all the different techniques out there: Laurie B's Toes and Heels

Friday, October 27, 2006


Ta da! Now I just need to put together a pkg to send out. Hmmm I have to think a little bit about what I want to put in it. This could be fun!

In one of her posts Pamela made a comment about there being a design element in her sock.. *G*

Well there is one in mine. I showed my sock progress to the ladies in my Monday knitting group and mentioned that there was a tiny oops in one cable, even though it is the easiest cable design possible, that's what happens when you read or watch tv while you knit. It probably would be a good thing to look at my work or actually count rows and not eyeball it.

Anyway... one of the ladies said... ooh well that design element just shows that you are a quilter (I am) at heart and as many quilters do, you intentionally did one little thing differently to see if anyone could find it. So... that's my story and I'm sticking to it... I did a quilter's thing in my sock.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Prize Update

I thought we could tease Carissa while she waits for her prize by posting a photo here, of Amanda's yarn and stitch markers. These will be on there way to Carissa this week:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The yarn was spun from a Finn/Dorset cross wool, so should make yummy bouncy socks (if that is what Carissa decides to use it for!)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I don't know if you can see in the photos, but the beads feature butterflies which seem appropriate to think of our dear friend, Dale!

Just a teaser for you all - grin!

More Prize Winners & Updates

Whew, talk about being behind time in getting things posted! Our Ta-Dah Tuesday is once again on Thursday!!!

Most of you have updated us either here or at own blog and that is GREAT! Its nice to read each others blessings ;) Sharon wrote to update me that she has been keeping in touch with her Sister, praying and working on her sock.

I forgot to post a photo of the yarn that was last weeks prize before sending it off to the prize winner, Judy! Judy won some pretty variegated blue sock yarn, you might remember, donated by Carissa. How about our other prize winners? Molly, have you received your pattern(s)? And Theresa, did you receive your sock yarn?

This weeks winner is......


Congratulations, Carissa! You have won a beautiful skein of handspun yarn as well as very special stitch markers from Amanda, our CA sister at Whirlwind Handspun

We have had donated some more prizes, so even if you haven't won yet - don't be discouraged....your time is coming - LOL! So far, the winners are:

Molly - patterns
Theresa - sock yarn
Judy - sock yarn
Carissa - handspun yarn & markers

Have a wonderful day everyone! And remember to pray for your Swap Sister ;)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Am I The First?

To receive a sock in the mail? Look at what the mail lady brought to me:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

All these lovely things from my very special, sweet and funny Sister, Pamela. I am wearing the sock in this picture so that everyone can see how well it fits me (must be those extra inserted ladders, eh Pamela? hehe)

Read more about what has been gifted over at my blog.

Thank you, Pamela, for your kindness, generosity and most of all your prayers! Guess what? Another day of sunshine here today! Praise God!!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hebrews 12:2,13

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.
Make level paths for your feet, so that the lame may not be disabled, but rather healed.

We can look at these verses in 2 ways. One, that as long as we continue to look to Jesus, He will heal us of all our infirmities. (I don't plan on that while my feet are planted on this green Earth, but I do know that when we get to Heaven we will all be made perfect.) Or, two, that Jesus is the goal and objective of our faith. And that our level paths equal a call for uright conduct that will help, rather than hinder, the spiritual and moral welfare of others, especially the 'lame' who waver in the Christian faith.

Either way, we as Christians, need to 'walk the walk' before & as 'we talk the talk'.

Praying for us all the show Christ to others around us in all that we do and say as we go about our days. \0/ Thank you Lord, for dying for us and taking away our sins.

Update on feet to prayers sock swap from Cindy

I know, it is not Monday. I am always behind the eight ball. :( But, I have had my sock for my partner done for a while now. I have it updated on my blog, and I would prefer my partner not look at it until she receives her sock. ;-) I am writing the pattern out for you. (Well, as soon as I finish this I will)

This yarn-Froehlich wolle, Blauband Maxi Ringel from Switzerland-has been lounging around in my stash waiting for the perfect sock and for the perfect recipient.Now, these are my colors (except maybe for the bright pink), but it was not screaming at me to make a sock for myself.
This was so much fun, and this yarn had my partner's choice of colors in it. I also needed to come up with a pretty pattern that would expand over the ankles and feet.
I just a very simple lacy ribbed pattern with a 5 stitch repeat.
Cast on x# sts. Start pattern rows.
Row 1: Knit 3, purl 2 around, x# times. (12 if you cast on 60 sts.)
Row 2: Knit 1, yarn over, knit 2 together, purl 2. repeat all the way around.
Row 3: Knit 3, purl 2 around.
Row 4: Knit 2 together, yarn over, purl 2. repeat around.
Now, I do not remember where I found this pattern. If some one knows, please let me know so that I can give credit where it is due.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Not much progress

I didn't get much done in the last week on my sister's sock. With the whole job situation, I didn't feel much like knitting or spinning. So I have decided to purchase rather than spin the cream colored yarn for my sock, and then the rest should go so much faster. Off to order my yarn!

What Color Is This?

It is wonderful to read all of the neat updates and see what everyone has been doing. I wanted to share my own update on Eve's sock. Take a look at the photo below:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Those are the colors in Eve's sock...the golden greens, yellow-green and rusty brown (remember when I ordered the yarn I had asked for browns, greens and deep reds - autumn colors...hmmmm). hehe....I hope the sock doesn't end up reminding you to much of a fading garden, Eve! I finally settled on a pattern and am about halfway through with the sock. I am actually becoming quite fond of it, in an accepting sort of way ;D At least it will have a history by the time it reaches you!

My scripture today is from the Psalms. "Shew me thy ways, O Lord; teach me thy paths. Lead me in truth and teach me for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day." Psalms 25:4-5

Woe is me

Boohoo. I decided to make Cary a Temari pincushion, using a pattern from Omiyage. I had problems from the start, trying to make the ball sort-of roundish. It's more sort-of blobbish. I should have listened to my brain right there and then. It was screaming at me "This is not going well. Try something else". But no, I had already picked out my fabrics, pretty chirimen silks in pink and grey, so I was determined to proceed. Big mistake. For some reason, once cut, hemmed and stitched to the ball, the silks look drab and, well, very grey. I guess it serves me right for teasing Cary about itchy grey yarn.

Also, despite lining the silk pieces with felt, the ball is still as lumpy and mis-shapen as ever. What's more, all the pieces come together and overlap at the top and bottom (mega-lumpy). This is mentioned in the pattern instructions, so it's not that I've done anything wrong. However, I failed to appreciate that this conglomeration of seams would make it nigh on impossible to stick a pin in the top section. Cary will have to harpoon the sides instead.

I was also worried by the way the ball rolled around. Well, that's what balls do. However, I had visions of a ball stuck with pins rolling round and scratching the table surface, or rolling onto the floor and being trodden on. I decided to stitch a little stand at the bottom, so that it would stand up. Technically, this was a howling success. However, visually it's appalling. First, it emphasises the lumpiness even more than ever. Second, it now looks like I've made Cary the most hideous crystal ball! Aaaaaargh!

I thought I could conceal some of the lumpiness at the top by adding a small, padded circle of fabric. As with the stand, this was technically a success, but visually another disaster. My creation now looks rather like the Coronation crown, but without the pretty gold bits. Ugh.

I've wrapped my offering in heavy duty brown paper, but the lumps still show. I'm going to send it to Cary anyway, but strictly on the understanding that it is to be laughed at immoderately.

I've now turned my attentions to a very stylish cicada pattern in Kokoro No Te that is clearly well beyond my capabilities. Poor Cary.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Clean Feet and Progress

I debated on posting a photo but I did not want to give away too many clues. I have been knitting on a couple other projects that I didn't have to concentrate as much on and this week I am going to pick back up on my sock for my sister. I have about 3" of the cuff done and I really love the look, although it does seem a bit darker than when I looked at the yarn in the skein.

I was thinking about different feet passages in the Bible and I have to say that I find the one where Jesus washes the disciples feet incredible. I really relate to Peter (I think that's right, I'm doing this from memory) who did not want Jesus to wash his feet. I would be so embarrassed to have someone wash my feet with the callouses and dry skin and funny toes. Yet, the God of all the Universe knelt on the floor and washed their feet. Humbling and humble. I would like to say I have that type of humility in my faith, but I am not sure I am there yet!

Well, I better get back to work, but I wanted to make a check in. I have enjoyed everyone's updates!

Well-I thought it might be fun to play around with the color filters for my photo. My sock isn't really blaze orange-or any of these colors! (As you can see by the pink background).

I'm going to a conference for the next couple days and am going to bring my knitting with me.


Saturday, October 21, 2006


Here is proof that I'm working on my swap sock. After several starts I decided to go with something that isn't fancy, but I always get lots of compliments on even by those that don't like socks unless they are in neutral colors or that don't believe anyone would actually knit socks. So, I'm writing the pattern as I knit. Here is a sneak peek without giving away the color...

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Sorry Cary, but I finished your sock. I got over-excited and completed it without waiting for the extra measurements. I can't think how that happened! Anyway, I posted it tonight, along with a note of the adjustments I made to the pattern (including one that was NOT intentional).

I hope you like the pattern - and guess what it was that led me to think it would be perfect for you lol.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Walk by Faith

"For we walk by faith, not by sight..." 2 Corinthians 5:10

Its time for weekly updates...does anyone have one? I think I will make the prize winning a bit more of a must post an update, either here or to me so that we can link to your blog, by Monday in order to be eligible to win a prize. How does that sound?

This weeks prize winner is....Judith!!! She is the only one who sent me an update last week, so she is the prize winner this week! Judy, you have won a very pretty skein of Schoeller Stahl Socka sock yarn, in variegated blues. Very generously donated by Carissa (thank you Carissa!) I will try to get a photo and put it up here sometime today! Judy helped us out in another way, behind the scenes, that I won't go into detail about, but I sure appreciate her willingness to "go with the flow"

For my own update, I must write about my very special FTP sister who has been so generous! I know who she is (Pamela) and not only has she blessed me almost daily with little notes of encouragement and prayers, but also just about daily gifts! All the way from England!!!! Here is a picture of the latest:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I also have the bookmark, chocolates, bandaids and a really neat candle that she has sent me. Ohhhh, I love the goodies Pamela and the fact that they come from England is kind of neat, too. Now, I need to measure my sock and send you some extra dimensions, don't I? I posted about Pamela's generosity on my own blog, too.

For my FTP recipient - I am just about ready to change yarns for her (Eve!) I won't show you all a photo, but I am just unhappy with it. Lynn from New York and I were discussing this last night and laughing together. Pamela and I have shared a laugh about it to. I may just knit Eve a sock with a different yarn, but send her this skein to see what she thinks - LOL!

Okay, I can't wait to hear all of your lovely updates ;D

Hugs and prayers to all ~

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Weekly Update

"And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will show to you today; for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see no more again for ever." Exodus14:13

Good Morning! We have snow in Michigan today!!! Well, we don't have it here personally at Serenity Farms - but just a little north of us they do ;)

How is everyone coming? Are you remembering to pray for your Sister daily? Maybe send her little notes of encouragement? Do you find, like I do, that I am praying and searching the scriptures for your Sock Sis that you are blessed yourself? I know I am, and isn't that just like our God and Savior - that we would be blessed by caring for someone else?

He is a good God!

Here is a picture of some little surprise goodies that my Secret Sis blessed me with:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Pamela sent me these fun patch me up (band-aids); to sweeten me up (chocolates) and to keep me in line (bookmark) LOL! Thank you Pamela!!! She also has been letting me know that she is praying for me, and just that little note brightens my day.

I wrote about this over at my own blog, but I will mention here the empty needles in the bottom right of the photo above....signifying the lack of progress on Eve's socks. I have started and re-started more than once. I have the perfect thing in it is just getting what I want on the needles! hehe...but I have been learning as I go. Last night I cast on again, and think I am getting the pattern that I want from the yarn I have chosen.

Lets remember to pray for Kimberly and her family as they travel!

How about your updates? Let us hear! And my prayer for each of you today echoes the scripture above - that you can take a moment to just STAND on God's promise to you, that you will feel, hear and see His salvation!

Hugs to all - Cary

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Started my partners socks....and going on vacation

We leave tomorrow for approx two weeks of fun and travel....if you can really do that with 8 people and 1 dog. But we will try. I did get some quite knitting time this morning among the madness of packing and getting ready to knit my socks for my partner. I am showing you the progress I made, but alas, I am doing it in black and white so I don't show off the colors and perhaps tip of my partner. I really hope she likes them as I am liking designing it for her.

I should have access to internet here and there so I will be able to check up on things. I will be praying for you my sweet sock parnter.

Friday, October 06, 2006

I have blueberry bushes growing in my yard, and their leaves this year turned out really pretty I think. I picked these and am going to press them...if they turn out well I will try to incoporate them into some of the fall/harvest themed items for our swap. I also found a few Virginia Creeper leaves in bright red (also pictured) and some of my Mums and Black Eyed Susans to press along with them. Trying out sock patterns...

Playing Footsie

Big hugs and congratulations to Theresa on winning Tuesday's prize :)

I've been playing around with lots of yarns and lots of patterns. I finally picked out my perfect yarn, only to find I've lost a vital skein. Phooey, how did that happen? I don't normally lose anything.

Evidently, God had something else in mind for my Secret Sister and hid my rogue skein. He gave me a Big Clue, though, when I was browsing through some old CA messages, looking for something completely unrelated to the Feet to Prayers swap. Quite by chance (er, I mean, under God's perfect guidance), I opened a message sent by my Secret Sister. She mentioned something which might be described as a sock knitting "technique", although I don't want to be any more specific than that. Suffice to say, I have conducted a fresh raid on both my pattern hoard and my yarn stash and am all set to cast on.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ta-Dah Tuesday

Well, unfortunately Ta-Dah Tuesday's prize winner is just being announced today on Thursday ;D With the daily doses of thunderstorms we have been receiving in Michigan, my phone lines (and so dial up computer service) is spotty at best.

That being said, this weeks prize winner is.......


Congratulations Theresa, you have won a skein of Regia 4-ply self-patterning sock yarn ;) This is about 420 yards, plenty to make a pair of socks.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The color may not show really well because of the flash, but it is perfect for fall/winter knitting - charcoal black with spots of rust browns/reds and even a hint of lavender! This prize was donated by Serenity Farms, and Theresa was chosen at random to be this weeks winner (meaning, I drew her name from the prize bowl, LOL!) But I am sure God always has a hand in chosing the weekly winners, God does nothing randomly!

The scripture I wanted to share with you today comes from the Psalms. It speaks of foundations ~ "Of old hast thou laid the foundation of the earth; and the heavens are the work of thy hands" ~ Psalms 102:25

Isn't it comforting to know that in these perilous times we live in, we can be reminded who is the Creator, the Sustainer...Who it is that holds us up!

Good day group!!

After many false attempts, and one try through Blogger's backdoor, I have finally been able to join you. Thank you Cary for your patience!!

I have not had a chance to read your posts yet, but will do so shortly. I have, though, started my sock for my partner. I have turned the heel and am working my way done the foot. But, that was last feet. I have not had time this week, but I am still praying for you!!!

We have our last big sheep/wool festival this weekend-the Wool Arts Tour. Things will slow down and I will finish your sock and mail it out to you. ;0) And hopefully I can update my own blogs. And respond to the many e-mails in Christian Artisans..........................but, I am still praying for the group as a whole, just unable to participate.

Take care all & may God bless each and everyone of us!!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Spinning and Swatching

I didn't have a lot of time to knit this weekend since my husband was singing in church in Sunday, but I did get a bit of spinning done and am planning to get some swatching done in the next few days. I mostly need to pick a pattern to use. The spinning is enjoyable, so I should be able to get it done without any problems!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Good Morning

I did a good deal of knitting done this weekend. but didn't get the capelet finished. I am working feverishly to finish it so that I can get started on my sock.. I set up my knitting machine and Judy graciously helped me figure out what I had as far as tools and accessories.. I am so glad I am her partner.. I may figure out this machine after all.
I have figured out what pattern I will be using.. by the time I finish the capelet my order from knitpicks should be here. I ordered an electronic row counter so I could give better notes to Cindy.
It has been rainy here. I missed the rain.. funny.. having spent 11 years in rainy Oregon, you would think I wouldn't miss it.. But there is something so cleansing about it..
have a great day! hugs,debra

Its Monday

Did anyone get knitting time in over the weekend? I realized that a sock class I am teaching starts tonight not next Monday, the way I had been thinking! And it is a full class (at least signed up, someone may drop out) Oh oh, a scramble to get the sample sock finished and notes for class printed out - gulp!

The sock yarn I ordered specially for my not-so-Secret Sis (Eve) arrived Saturday and I started her sock. I had originally planned a different pattern until I saw the yarn and it just didn't fit into the plan. I also ordered some of Kimberly's Americana yarn and it arrived along with a lovely little something extra ;) Kimberly has great service and I am very happy with the yarn. It will be socks and maybe mittens for Mason...he asked me for red, white and blue socks ;)

Has anyone else been knitting?

We will have another prize drawn tomorrow - Tuesday. I think I will call it Ta-Dah Tuesdays (grin)