Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sock Making Testimony

I just had to share here Molly's note about her sock making progress. Molly is knitting for Nancy, and this is not only her FIRST sock but also she is using her own spun yarn!

Molly has persevered through some sock knitting difficulties to come out on the other she and Nancy happen to be in the same state and may have a chance to meet up and visit! So some good fellowship along with the knitting ~ isn't that just the best? And a wonderful reflection of how, in our spiritual life, we need to press on with faith to our reward!

Anyway, Molly wrote:

I have had fun knitting this sock. It's personal now. I WILL finish that sock! LOL It's my first real sock and I'm so glad to knit it for Nancy. I'm actually using some of my own spindle-spun yarn! And, (Nancy) I may just bring it to you in person! I would love to meet you. Well, off to knit!!!

Congratulations Molly, and thank you for lifting our hearts today and for being a good example to us all!