Monday, October 02, 2006

Its Monday

Did anyone get knitting time in over the weekend? I realized that a sock class I am teaching starts tonight not next Monday, the way I had been thinking! And it is a full class (at least signed up, someone may drop out) Oh oh, a scramble to get the sample sock finished and notes for class printed out - gulp!

The sock yarn I ordered specially for my not-so-Secret Sis (Eve) arrived Saturday and I started her sock. I had originally planned a different pattern until I saw the yarn and it just didn't fit into the plan. I also ordered some of Kimberly's Americana yarn and it arrived along with a lovely little something extra ;) Kimberly has great service and I am very happy with the yarn. It will be socks and maybe mittens for Mason...he asked me for red, white and blue socks ;)

Has anyone else been knitting?

We will have another prize drawn tomorrow - Tuesday. I think I will call it Ta-Dah Tuesdays (grin)


Blogger Eve/Divine Fibers & Yarn said...

I haven't gotten very far in my secret sock project. I dyed some skeins of new sock yarn (superwashwool/nylon) I got in and well.. the results are posted on my blog... Looks like I may be taking a trip back to the dye pot tomorrow. Oh and I'm not going to tell if my secret sis knows how I am or not. I think if too many of us tell, the ones remaining secret will be able to figure out who has them. *G*

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