Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Checking In...

Well this feetie is very tired. Joel dropped off Connor while he went to check his Dad's boat, er... I mean Joel's boat, before it is lifted out of the lake for winter. While I didn't get a lot done, I did look at sock patterns I have and some of my own. Ok... so I've narrowed it down to about 6!

Hmm... I want it to be pretty, but not something that will cause someone to pull their hair when they make the second sock. Wouldn't be nice, eh?

I'm dog sitting for a friend while she is off to her FIL's funeral in New Jersey. The dogs are Standard Poodles and happy, bouncy, happy. The last time I watched them, I ended up with bruises, cause ... well.. standing up they are taller than I am. That isn't saying much. I have to watch them till at least Saturday, I just couldn't say no. If you never hear from me again, you will know they did me in and someone will have to knit a sock for my Secret Sis. *G*



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