Friday, September 29, 2006

Fall Friday

It feels very much like fall here on this last Friday of September! How about where you live? Wool socks and a warm shawl around the neck are all on order here in Michigan this morning ;)

I thought I might give you some tips for knitting half a pair of socks for your sister. I found this helpful in the last "half a pair of socks" swap I was in ;) One is to make notes about the pattern you are sending to her. By that I mean, make note of how many rows of pattern repeat or how many inches you knit in each section; be sure to note the number of stitches and needle size you are using...something to help her get a matching sock. One person in the Summer Sock Swap I was just in even left the foot of the sock she was knitting unfinished so that her swapee could finish the sock in just the right size! I thought that was kind of clever if you have someone who is fussy about their sock size.

Also, remember that you do have to send her the pattern, too, so if you are knitting a pattern from a book, you would have to be sure that she has that book, too, or else send her the book or magazine! No copyright infringements please!!! That is where some of the free on-line patterns come in great (or if you happen to be one of our clever pattern writers here)

Can any of you think of other suggestions that would be helpful?

If you haven't had a chance to, stop by Cindy's knitting blog (link in the side bar) She had a wonderful post about the meaning of feet - very inspirational Cindy!


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