Friday, September 29, 2006

Hello Everybody

Well, I am trying to remain a secret. So, in light of that I think I will keep as much information to myself as possible for the time being...and reveal things slowly. I was wondering how those who want to remain Secret will manage to do this if some folks do not maintain secret identities-it can be a matter of deduction if a number of pairs are revealed or are guessed. So...I am trying to hold off with info until I know more about what other folks have decided in the attempt to maximize my strategy :). I have started working on my sock project and have two patterns selected so far that I think would be nice. Both are of the "free internet" variety-thank you Cary for your helpful insights on how to go about selecting a pattern, knitting precision, etc. I am a leftie, and doubt if this will make any significant difference in the long run. I hadn't thought of this before. My finished articles don't look different than those knit by right handed people, it's just the process of making the stitches that is different...I knit all the stitches the same as the pattern calls for, and in the same order. I think this is grandmother taught me, and she was right-handed.


Blogger Judith B said...

I don't do secrets very well, so I already introduced myself to Debra. We are motivating each other. I have downloaded instructions and tutorials from the internet. I can do machine knit socks in my sleep, but handknit is another challenge. I am currently working on a bizarre baby sock. I managed to get my stitches turned around, so instead of knitting on the outside, I have purl stitches and I don't know how to get out of this mess. I am using the magic loop method. Maybe I just need to start over. I just dyed a bunch of cotton yarn in my favorite purples, dark red and blues. It should make for an interesting garment.

10:50 PM  
Blogger Cary said...

Welcome to Blog Land Charlotte! I keep getting my "secrets" messed up - LOL - as I am in three sock swaps at the moment...I keep forgetting where I am a secret and where I am not ;D

Hugs, Cary

6:29 AM  

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