Monday, October 23, 2006

Woe is me

Boohoo. I decided to make Cary a Temari pincushion, using a pattern from Omiyage. I had problems from the start, trying to make the ball sort-of roundish. It's more sort-of blobbish. I should have listened to my brain right there and then. It was screaming at me "This is not going well. Try something else". But no, I had already picked out my fabrics, pretty chirimen silks in pink and grey, so I was determined to proceed. Big mistake. For some reason, once cut, hemmed and stitched to the ball, the silks look drab and, well, very grey. I guess it serves me right for teasing Cary about itchy grey yarn.

Also, despite lining the silk pieces with felt, the ball is still as lumpy and mis-shapen as ever. What's more, all the pieces come together and overlap at the top and bottom (mega-lumpy). This is mentioned in the pattern instructions, so it's not that I've done anything wrong. However, I failed to appreciate that this conglomeration of seams would make it nigh on impossible to stick a pin in the top section. Cary will have to harpoon the sides instead.

I was also worried by the way the ball rolled around. Well, that's what balls do. However, I had visions of a ball stuck with pins rolling round and scratching the table surface, or rolling onto the floor and being trodden on. I decided to stitch a little stand at the bottom, so that it would stand up. Technically, this was a howling success. However, visually it's appalling. First, it emphasises the lumpiness even more than ever. Second, it now looks like I've made Cary the most hideous crystal ball! Aaaaaargh!

I thought I could conceal some of the lumpiness at the top by adding a small, padded circle of fabric. As with the stand, this was technically a success, but visually another disaster. My creation now looks rather like the Coronation crown, but without the pretty gold bits. Ugh.

I've wrapped my offering in heavy duty brown paper, but the lumps still show. I'm going to send it to Cary anyway, but strictly on the understanding that it is to be laughed at immoderately.

I've now turned my attentions to a very stylish cicada pattern in Kokoro No Te that is clearly well beyond my capabilities. Poor Cary.


Blogger Cary said...

Oh Pamela, I wish you could have been here with me to hear me laughing right out loud reading your message. Somehow, I could picture your anguish and am not laughing at you, but you paint such a lovely word portrait! It sounded so much like some of the crazy things I get myself into!!!

You really have me excited to see my package now ;D Poor dear....

Hugs, Cary

8:58 AM  

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